Usually, during our work as well as leisure activities, we try to achieve the appropriate (optimal) goal or result, whether it’s a professional or sports performance, free time, or any other type of activity. We typically reach the optimum goal if we manage to harmonize activities and functions with the people who are involved in them and the environment in which we carry them out.

Facility management is, in a way, a method for synchronizing work environment, employees, and work activities within an organization. GeoFaM is then a platform which utilizes the principles of GIS for use in facility management. The basic pillar of GeoFaM is the data describing the domain or area in which we utilize the methods and principles of facility management.

GeoFaM - Greenery

For example, in order to operate and maintain buildings and their technologies, we will, of course, need to have the information about the building in terms of construction documentation as well as technological documentation. This data will be used to optimize processes in the building by synchronizing the building environment, functions performed inside it, and, most importantly, the users of the building and their needs.

GeoFaM - building analysis
We are newly starting to expand the data warehouse by adding support for processes related to building operations or landscape management. We need operational data for this – one, they provide us with information about planning, performing, and evaluating maintenance and operational processes, but at the same time, they are used for evaluating and consequently optimizing these processes.
Buildings and it's technologies
The combinations of data of as-built model of buildings and operational data obtained via “smart” IoT devices are opening up vast possibilities in modern facility management, as well as in the administration of various kinds of properties (asset management). We are ready for this trend and can’t wait for what it brings!