Until recently, only one option was available to those who wanted to find information about the final resting place of their relatives and friends. This option was to contact the cemetery administrator, who would look up the required entries in the cemetery registry books.

However, modern technologies have now found their way to cemetery administration as well. The new ‚Assetino Cemetery‘ service, operated on the city’s website, www.jihlava.cz/hrbitovy, enables people to easily look up deceased persons online. In the map application, you simply enter the deceased person’s name, year of birth or death, or alternately, the name of the gravesite owner or its number. The gravesite will then be displayed on the interactive cemetery map.

This option can also be used for looking up available gravesites.

The application has also been optimized for mobile devices, which means that you can look up a grave while already at the cemetery, for example. The database holds the complete data about the final resting places of approximately 27 000 deceased persons in over 10 000 graves.

Jihlava was predominantly German before the World War II, which is why the application can be of use not only at home, but also among german speaking descendants of deceased relatives.

This project by the City of Jihlava has surely been welcomed by those of us who are trying to find our family roots.

The application was created with the help of the Assetino Cemetery service. Assetino Cemetery is a modern tool for simple and effective cemetery administration for cities, municipalities, and cemetery administrators.